Boost your Brain Cells: How to Start Using 2023

Many believe that brain cells do not regenerate, but this is a myth. Rather, there are things that, if we do them, multiply the speed of brain cell renewal fivefold.

How can you improve your memory and cognitive function? One way is to start using your brain more. Doing activities that stimulate the brain can help your mind perform at its best. Here are ways to boost your brain cells. (1)

Your brain is something you either use or lose. As we age, our brain changes, and so does our ability to think clearly. One of the most feared effects of aging is typical mental deterioration. Yet, cognitive decline is not always present. A long and fulfilling life depends on having a healthy brain. The next eight suggestions are quick strategies to maintain a healthy, functional brain. (3, 5)

Now it’s been thought that our brains do not regenerate our brains. Cells are now renewed. Okay, this is completely false information because the brain cells can regenerate. In fact, it’s the rate at which your brain tells the US to generate that determines how your cognitive functions going to work or network as you get older. So today we’re going to talk about how to actually increase this regeneration of your nerve cells by a factor of 5 x.

What Are Brain Cells?

this research was done in animals and there’s also a lot of research done in humans as well. So as I go through this, I want to cover a lot of different things that you can do to increase the size of your brain and you don’t have to do all of them.

You see pick as many as you can do and if you wouldn’t mind. Go ahead and add those comments on those things that you feel you can add to your current lifestyle to increase the size of your brain or at least the regeneration of your neurons because this list could be a little bit overwhelming to some people.

You know you can’t do everything but you just can’t something is better than nothing and the general term for nerve regeneration is called neurogenesis. A lot of this research is done in a part of the brain cells called the hippocampus. Well, they don’t know exactly what’s involved in the relay of information.

Memory learning, spatial navigation, remembering layouts of certain things, and problem-solving. You kind of need your memory for problem-solving, reasoning, and something else called object-in-place memory. That’s like remembering certain objects in certain environments. Like where I put my keys, et cetera.

One thing that’s really interesting about the brain cells, okay, is that if we take a look at the size of the brain cells in a couple of ways, we compare that to the rest of the body, it only really makes up like 2% of the whole body weight yet requires 20% of the oxygen of the body. 20% of the metabolism of the body is given to the brain, so it’s an energy hog and this is why the first thing I’m going to tell you is so important that all the things you can do to increase the size of the brain are regular consistent

The best way to improve brain cells

exercise and the type of exercise that would be best is aerobic exercise.

motivation exercise
motivation exercise

What I mean is getting a lot of oxygen. Now this is not to say that other types of exercise is is not also really good, but if you can also include long walks, for example. Work some type of exercise, we can get a lot of oxygen that would be even better than other types of exercise, but I personally like to mix it up. I do high-intensity on certain days. I might do hiking or long walks on other days. (2)


The second most important thing we reign would be fasting and I’m gonna say just like intermittent fasting but also periodic prolonged fasting, very potent stimulator.

Certain factors help grow your brain and repair brain cells’ function. So you need to be doing it two meals a day with maybe a fasting period of at least.

1617 to 18 hours. Okay, that would be ideal. But if you can do longer like a 1 millisecond and fast for 23 hours, that would be even better. And this would all depend on your lifestyle and also how much preparation you need to do on the brain because maybe you have some other issues. But the point is that when you eat too frequently and how many snacks, which is just a killer for a lot of problems, you know. (4)

The brain suffers the most okay. So this idea that you have to constantly fuel the body of the brain cells is false information. It does very well when you don’t eat so frequently and then periodically prolonged fast for like maybe 48 hours.

cold therapy

A very potent stimulator of neurogenesis is the regrowing of your nerves. So that could be a nice bath that could be in just taking a cold shower. Some of you are not going to do this, but some of you will do it, but it definitely will stimulate the regeneration brain.

Now if you combine all three of these, you can look way back in time when we were always starving in the cold and we were constantly exercising to run in chase animals to eat them. And so our DNA has been developed off that has adapted off those three things to survive better because we needed it.

cod liver oil

Cod Liver Oil
Cod Liver Oil

Because a big portion of the brain cells is composed of something called DHA. Which is the type of omega-3 acids. And so that would help you greatly and it’s very easy to do to have some fish oils or a colored whale that you consume on a regular basis. Now on the flip side of that. The other oil that’s really bad for the brain is oxidized oil, like oil that is heated like vegetable oils to create those oils.

You have to heat them up with solvents like heck sake and then you use them and he does right. You actually use them to fry something or cook something or define something very, very bad for your brain cells course. Recently we’ve substituted those for the Saturday Fats the coconut oil. The lard of butter is actually very. Very good to cook things in the right stable, uh, as long as you keep your carbs low and so that relates to the next point.

low carb diet (keto)

Diet because of sugar and refined carbs. And just eating a high-carb diet creates a lot of oxidation in the brain cells. And the hallmark of neurodegeneration is glucose hypermetabolism, where glucose is not able to be metabolized in the neurons.

Okay, that’s the hallmark that occurs within the nerve cells, which means the destruction of the nerve cell occurs because it’s not getting glucose fuel. So does that mean you need to use more glucose? No, it means that you already ate too much glucose and you created insulin resistance and now you basically create this resistance for glucose as well and that’s what destroys it. You basically starve off the nerve of energy. How can we use that information? We can lower the amount of glucose that you eat and we can feed your neurons.

A much better fuel is ketones. So ketones are the fuel that can bypass this damage of glucose and go right in and feed the neurons directly. So how do we do that, well, we just lower our cards and our advice will naturally generate ketones.

We can also take ketones as a supplement. We can fast and generate ketones, do fasting in a manifesting. We can also consume MCT oil because you’re going to generate more ketones.

heat therapy

A sauna or a hot shower can also be beneficial. But not as beneficial as coal therapy.

Vitamin B1

Beneficial to the brain cells is vitamin B1 diamond and the opposite that a thiamine deficiency, which is common is the worst thing for the brain. Okay, when someone does not have enough B1, they start developing this condition called Nicky Course cough syndrome. This condition is where you’re very deficient in B1 and the neurons are degenerating. Okay, so you have all sorts of problems.

In the brain cells. And this usually occurs because you’re eating refined carbohydrates or too much sugar. And so when you don’t have enough B1, you actually get inflammation in your brain and that one is connected to so many positive things for our bodies. But especially for the brain and also to get rid of stress.


which is interesting because there is a connection between your gut and your brain, right? I mean the microbes in your gut make all sorts of serotonin and other neurotransmitters and other factors. So if you.

There’s a problem in your gut. There’s a problem up here. In fact, one of the side effects of taking an antibiotic is problems with your brain’s mood, cognition, and even potentially certain types of dementia, which is interesting. So if you just support your gut. You actually can help this regeneration of your brain cells.

infrared from sunlight

The thing that can actually support your brain cells is the sun. You’re gonna get a type of energy called infrared from the sun over 50% of the sun’s rays is infrared and they can penetrate through your skull. Okay. And actually, that can.

Increase your melatonin. Which connects as an antioxidant to support your brain. But that’s interesting. And then also you have the vitamin D from the sun that can also help brain versus being indoors.

plant-based phytonutrients

plant-based vital nutrients that are really good for your brain cells. A curse it in turmeric. If I don’t have nutrients in green tea, I mean, there are just so many different nutrients in so many plants.

foods high in choline

Kind of the raw material for acetylcholine really. Common you know transparent in your brain cells. You need to see the choline and that’s made out of coal. So what foods are higher choline? Well, you have egg yolks, organ meats, and fish.

grass-fed animal products

we also have grass-fed animal products grass fed versus grain fed grass-fed is more anti-inflammatory because of the omega 6 to 3 ratios. So this is another point that you want to be aware of when you’re consuming animal products.

sufficient sleep

Sleep Disorders
Sleep Disorders

Not just the number of hours of sleep. But the quality of sleep that you get. Okay, it’s very, very important if you have insomnia and you’re living on caffeine and stimulants, it’s gonna start to affect the regeneration of nerve cells.


Too much caffeine can definitely create a problem with your brain, but if you have just a small amount. It’s not going to be a problem. Especially since there are polyphenols in the coffee that can support the brain cells, but excessive amounts of caffeine if you drink too much, can override that and create a lot of problems because if you think about it, when you drink coffee, it does stimulate your cognitive function, right, so overstimulate.


Stimulation of that can be damaging another really key nutrient for the brain cells, especially the hippocampus is zinc. zinc is involved in different enzymes. If you’re deficient in zinc that can create an atrophy of the hippocampus and affect your cognitive function as well as your mood.


  • Currently, 2023 is the year when significant changes are set to take place in the world of brain health.
  • The article provides helpful tips on how to boost your brain cells and improve your overall brain health in 2023.
  • By using the above tips, you can not only boost your brain power but also improve your overall well-being.

Frequently asked questions

Can cleaning clear your mind?

Getting rid of clutter can help us mentally get ready for other things.
It makes the area physically clear so that we can engage in the activity. We get a sense of success as a result, which motivates us. It provides us time to plan or think about the action we are about to take.

Why is my brain so tired?

As the energy in your brain is drained, a feeling of exhaustion known as mental fatigue develops. Long-term stress is typically the cause of mental tiredness. Several things, such as a difficult life event, hard work, or procrastination, can result in long-term stress.

How can you tell if your brain is working too hard?

When the brain is stressed or overworked, brain fog develops. The most typical signs include feeling disoriented and confused, headaches, slower-than-usual thinking, difficulty recalling events or even recent chores, mental weariness, and mood changes.


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