Landmine Chest Press: A Safe and Effective Exercise

What Landmine Chest Press?

If you’ve ever seen someone at the gym holding one end of a barbell at a diagonal angle while the other end is wedged in a corner, you’ve seen this. It means you’ve participated in a landmine exercise. However, having a landmine attachment will make the setup go more smoothly, albeit it is not required.

The landmine chest press is a weightlifting exercise that is performed using a barbell and a piece of equipment known as a landmine. The landmine is linked to one end of the barbell, which attaches it to the floor. The opposite end of the barbell is held at chest level.

The landmine chest press has several variations, but the most basic form is straightforward. You explosively push the barbell overhead while holding one end of the barbell at chest level.


Enhances core stability

The landmine chest press, due to its odd loading pattern, can help increase core stability and anti-rotational strength.

Improves scapular control

Because of the pressing angle, the athlete needs to focus on scapular stabilization and control in order to develop overhead pressing strength.

It’s a great substitute for the overhead press

Overhead shoulder presses are fantastic, but they can be taxing on your muscles. HyperAde can help with muscle recovery. Landmine chest presses use many of the same muscles as Shoulder Presses, but the workout puts less tension on your muscles, allowing you to attain tremendous shoulder improvements without putting as much strain on your body.

The landmine chest press fixes left-right imbalances

Because the midline from the neck down is stimulated throughout the exercise, the contralateral aspect of the landmine chest pressess can be beneficial for correcting imbalances between the left and right bodies.

Increases Pressing Strength

Many of the same muscles are used by the landmine chest pressess as they are by military presses and shoulder presses. It can be used as a substitute for these exercises or as a transitional stage, strengthening the muscles in preparation for more demanding workouts like the Military Press.

Muscles Worked

Landmine Chest Press Muscles Worked

Chest: During the landmine chest press, the chest muscles (pectoralis major and minor) are the principal movers. They contract to raise the barbell to their chest.

Shoulders: The landmine chest press also works the shoulders (anterior deltoids, lateral deltoids, and posterior deltoids). They aid in the stabilization of the barbell and prevent it from tipping over.

Triceps are the muscles at the back of the upper arm: At the height of the movement, they flex to extend the elbows and straighten the arms.

The core muscles: (abs, obliques, and lower back) are essential for body stability during the landmine chest press. They help to keep the back straight and the hips moving.

How to do

How to do Landmine Chest Press


  1. Deadlift the barbell up to waist height with both hands. Maintain a neutral spine
  2. Raise the barbell to your chest and transition to your right hand. Support the barbell on your shoulder (with the palm of your hand upturned).
  3. Stabilize your posture with your left hand
  4. Feet shoulder width apart
  5. Lean slightly forward
  6. Inhale deeply and tighten your core, glutes, and grasp.
  7. Press the barbell upwards with your right hand
  8. Press it forwards and upwards in a straight line
  9. Extend your arm almost entirely but do not completely lock it out. Maintain constant tension throughout your body.
  10. Pause at the top
  11. Return the weight to its initial position slowly.
  12. At the bottom of the movement, exhale.



To avoid damage, keep your elbow slightly bent at all times.

Make sure to brace your core at all times to provide a solid base from which you can press the barbell.

Landmine incline press

The upper chest is targeted more in this variation than in the normal landmine chest press. Place the landmine in a corner and position yourself on an incline bench to accomplish this. Take a neutral grip on the barbell and press it up above.

Landmine decline press

This variation focuses more on the lower chest than the normal landmine chest pressess. Place the landmine in a corner and position yourself on a declining bench to accomplish this. Take a neutral grip on the barbell and press it up above.

Landmine single-arm press

Landmine single-arm press

This variation is excellent for separating each arm while also boosting strength and balance. To begin, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and one hand at the end of the barbell. Lean slightly forward and press the barbell above.

Landmine rotation press

This variant is excellent for strengthening your core and shoulders. To begin, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and a neutral grip on the barbell. Lean slightly forward and press the barbell above. Rotate your torso to the side as you press the barbell up. Return the barbell to its starting position and repeat on the opposite side.

Landmine push press

This variation is a great way to build power and strength. To do it, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and grasp the barbell with a wide grip. Lean forward slightly and press the barbell up overhead. As you press the barbell up, use your legs to generate momentum.

Common Mistakes

Leaning too much into the press

By leaning too far forward as you press, many people transform the landmine chest pressess into a shoulder exercise. Maintain stress on your pecs by keeping your upper body stationary while you press.

Lower back arching

Arching your lower back not only allows you to press more weight, but it also releases stress in the chest and shoulders. To avoid this, keep your glutes and abs engaged throughout the press.

Ego Lifting

The landmine chest pressess should be considered a pec and shoulder accessory exercise. As you gain weight, your lower back begins to arch and the target muscles lose tension.

Faulty hand position

Cup the bar in your palm and the fingers tightly interlocked. Keeping your wrist straight throughout the press will help you avoid wrist pain and potential muscle strains.

Safety And Precautions

Use a weight that is appropriate for your strength level: Start with a modest weight if you’re new to the landmine chest press and gradually raise the weight as you gain stronger.

Use a neutral grip: A balanced grip will keep your shoulders safe.

Keep your back straight and your core engaged throughout the movement: This will aid in the prevention of back and shoulder ailments.

Don’t arch your back or allow your hips to sway: This might cause back and shoulder pain.

Lower the barbell under control until it is just above your chest: Dropping the barbell might also inflict tension on your shoulders.

Press the barbell back up to the starting position in a controlled manner: Using momentum to press the barbell up might hurt your shoulders as well.


The landmine chest press is a fast-paced, explosive action that can help you improve core stability, scapular stability, and overhead pressing strength while also building pecs. It should be done 2-3 times each week to finish off your push day or chest workout.


is the landmine press better than the bench press?

Landmine presses are also done with a neutral grip, which is gentler on the shoulders and wrists. As a result, they are a safe alternate upper-body strength exercise for athletes who may have a history of upper-body injuries or anthropometric traits that make bench pressing more difficult for them.

is landmine press worth doing?

The triceps, shoulders, chest, and core musculature are employed during the landmine press, with the glutes and upper back acting as stabilizers. This is an excellent substitute for overhead pressing.

what is the difference between an incline bench press and a landmine chest press?

For individuals dealing with plateau or shoulder difficulties, the landmine chest press is a fantastic chest and shoulder builder. It is similar to an incline bench press, but the bar route is different, virtually in the shape of an arc.

what does a landmine chest press target?

How does the Landmine Press function? With slightly varying angles and ranges of motion, Landmine Presses improve upper body strength in a unique way. The shoulders, arms, core, back, and glutes are all worked out.

Can you do a landmine press with a dumbbell?

To replicate the landmine press, raise your bench to roughly 60-70 degrees. Dumbbells provide a broader range of motion and allow you to use only one weight at a time to maximize core engagement. However, you can also perform this exercise using a barbell or kettlebell.

How does the standing landmine press work?

Works for various muscle groups: Landmine presses work with upper-body muscles like the deltoids and triceps as well as lower-body muscles like the glutes. The landmine press stimulates many of the same muscles as the overhead press but with less impact on the shoulder joints.

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