All About Eye Colored Lenses

What are eye-colored lenses?

Eye colored lenses seem like a fun way to switch up your appearance. They change the color of your eyes and are referred to as costume or decorative lenses occasionally.

Using medical contact lenses has spread widely among a large segment of people, given that they are a practical alternative to glasses to correct poor vision and deviation, and the use of lenses has expanded to move away from the medical aspect and head towards the aesthetic aspect, with the emergence of colored lenses, which led to a wide demand for their acquisition and use by those who They are good looking.

Some even alter your pupils’ shape to create a cartoonish impression.

Consider a set of eye-colored lenses if you want to try out new eye colors. Here are some things you should know before buying colored contacts, whether you’re seeking subtle highlights or want to draw attention to a daring new style.

Tips for using Eye colored lenses

There are several tips that must be taken into account when wearing contact lenses, including:

Do not share eye-colored lenses with anyone else, as they can transmit harmful bacteria that threaten vision.

Do not wear eye-colored lenses if congestion or reddening of the eye appears, and contact an ophthalmologist when these problems appear; Because eye-colored lenses may have caused an infection or other serious problems.

We can choose the color of eye-colored lenses with the help of an ophthalmologist; To choose the comfortable quality and the color for personal appearance.

Choosing eye colored lenses

eye colored lenses
eye colored lenses

Choosing the correct color of contact lenses depends on several factors, such as hair color, skin color, and the type of desired appearance, such as choosing a natural appearance, or a bold appearance, and their color can be chosen depending on the natural color of the eyes.

As light-colored eyes can change their appearance appropriately. Color, which enhances and defines the edges of the iris, and makes the color of the eyes The natural eye is more profound, for example,

if the natural eye color is blue, you can try gray or green contact lenses, or get a bold and dramatic look by wearing light brown contact lenses, in case the skin is light, but with dark eyes, you can try the lenses Contact lenses in honey or hazel color, and to get a different appearance from nature, you can try wearing blue, green or purple contact lenses to appear in a new look.

The original eye color also plays an important role in choosing the color of the lenses suitable for the skin. When the eyes are dark, we must choose the lighter degree of the color we want until we get the right degree, and vice versa with light eyes so that we choose a darker degree to get the right color.

eye colored lenses suitable for white skin

Light skin is suitable for bright colors, such as blue, violet, turquoise, and hazel, in order to get a natural appearance.

eye colored lenses suitable for brown skin

Colored contact lenses suitable for brown skin depend on the choice of warm colors, such as brown, or natural honey, and we recommend it to avoid bright colors, such as blue, or green; To avoid an artificial appearance, but if the hair color is blonde, golden, or brown, you can try light brown, honey, hazel, and green.

Eye colored lenses suitable for medium skin

We can choose many options from character colors ranging from light olive skin to light brown or honey skin, and, as this skin can choose between brown, hazel, honey, green, gray, and even violet.

Types of eye colored lenses

There are different eye colored lenses, including:

Opaque lenses are characterized by covering the natural eye color completely and are suitable for dark eyes.

Color-enhancement lenses are used to shade the natural color of light-colored eyes, as they have no effect on dark eyes.

Equinox lenses, which are characterized by a dark circular ring around the iris, are suitable for light-colored eyes.

Custom-tinted colored lenses, or sports tinted lenses, are cosmetic lenses, besides being practical, they improve the ability of athletes, as they reduce glare, and sensitivity to contrast, and increase the depth of field. Visual perception.

Eye colored lenses care

There are several things that must be taken into account to take care of contact lenses and to keep them clean, and they are:

Wash hands, and dry them with a lint-free towel.

After removing the lenses from the eyes, we rub them with a sterile solution.

They are then rinsed again, after which we apply a fresh solution to the case before re-storing the lenses.

To use the contact lenses again, rinse the sterile solution again, empty the case from the solution, and leave it open to dry in the air

Side effects of using Eye colored lenses

Increase the risk of eye infections; Because the eye is a very sensitive organ, it prevents the transfer of oxygen to the eye, and wearing it for a long time increases the risk of infection.

Dangers of wearing eye colored lenses

Tips to avoid the dangers of wearing eye colored lenses

  • Be careful not to scratch your eyes with contact lenses; When wearing them, you must wash your hands well, be careful that your nails are short so as not to harm your eyes, and use the solution for the lens itself.
  • Avoid wearing eye colored lenses for a very long time, as this causes ulcers in the eye, and affects the cornea of ​​the eye, leading to blindness; This is because the lenses lead to the pressure of oxygen inside the eye.
  • Be careful of the effect of the solution for eye colored lenses on your eyes; There are several types and special types for rinsing and cleaning lenses; There are poor types that may lead to an increase in the flow of tears in the eye, and make sure that it does not expire them so as not to affect your eyes negatively.
  • Eye colored lenses affect the surface of the eye, especially if the person’s eyes are dry; As it restricts oxygen, which affects the dryness of the eyes significantly,
  • Madam, avoid wearing make-up and then contact lenses; Rather, put on the lenses and then put the make-up gently; This is so that the remnants of makeup do not enter your eyes and affect them, and it is okay to use anti-water if there are many tears in your eyes.
  • Do not wear eye colored lenses in hairdressing and hairdressing salons; This is because you may be exposed to chemicals that affect your eyes, and the hair dryer they use may cause your eyes to dry out.
  • Try to wear good sunglasses while you are wearing the lenses outside the house; This is because the atmosphere contains many eye irritants such as dust, mold, pollen, and animal dander, which leads to irritation in your eyes.
  • Be careful not to wear lenses while swimming and diving; This is because the swimming pool is chlorinated, and chlorine affects the lenses inside your eyes.
  • Stay away from smokers while wearing eye colored lenses; Because smoke can make you sore in your eyes.
  • You should consult a doctor immediately if you suffer from blurred vision or feel burning or sensitivity.

How to maintain eye health?

To maintain and take care of eye and vision health, we can follow these methods which are:

  • Eating a healthy diet, which contains omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, and vitamins E, C, and a healthy, balanced diet represents the prevention of obesity and other diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, which causes blindness in adults.
  • Quit Smoking; Because it causes cataracts, damage to the optic nerve, and macular degeneration.
  • Wearing sunglasses to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, increase the chances of developing cataracts and macular degeneration, and wearing contact lenses, and UV-protective lenses can be worn as additional protection with sunglasses.
  • Be careful to wear prescription glasses or contact lenses when using a computer for a long time. Because it causes eyestrain, and in the event of continued stress, you can move the screen so that the eyes are level with the top of the screen, and use an anti-glare screen, and with dry eyes, they must rest every 20 minutes for 20 seconds looking at a distance of 20 feet and take a break every two hours for 15 minutes.
  • Regular eye examination, even for children, to maintain the safety of vision, can detect eye diseases early, which facilitates treatment.

Where do you keep eye colored lenses?

lens storage box
lens storage box

lens storage box

The case comprises two small containers that are tightly closed, usually in white and blue, to show the eye designated for each lens.

The letter R can be noted on the cover of the white container, short for the word right in English, meaning that the white receptacle is dedicated to preserving the lens of the right eye, and the blue receptacle is On the lid of its container is the letter L, an abbreviation of the word left in English, and it is intended for keeping the lens of the left eye.

lens sterilizer

Keeping lenses alone in the container designated for them and exposing them to direct air leads to dryness and damage, so we kept the lenses inside each container dipped in a sterile water solution.

Take care to dispose of the sterile solution in each container and renew it every two or three days.

How to install eye colored lenses

It is very important for eye colored lenses users to master the proper way to install eye colored lenses inside the eye, and how to remove them, causing no cuts or scratches to the outer eye layer, by following:

  • Clean hands and fingertips from dust and germs stuck to them, by rinsing them well with sterile soap and water.
  • Clean the eyes with cold water to get rid of any dirt stuck to the eyelashes and around the eyelids.
  • Most lenses are available with high technologies, without the need to specify a specific side to place on the surface of the eye, but if the lens is of that quality, it is flipped to the right side before placing it, the correct side can be determined by making the smooth edges of the lens outward.
  • With one hand, he pulls the upper eyelid gently upward, and with the hand holding the lens gently pulls the lower eyelid downward, taking care not to blink.
  • Directing the pupil upwards, gently fixing the lens in the center of the eye, then closing the eyelids slowly and carefully, moving the pupil in all directions to help the lens stay on it.
  • Clean your hands again before installing the second lens.

As for the removal of eye colored lenses, the same method is used to clean the hands and pull the eyelids, with one simple difference being to put the tip of the finger on the lens and pull it towards one corner of the eye and bend it outward.


Many people suffer from several problems and risks because of the use of eye colored lenses, and this is because of the lack of attention, care, and caution people when they wear contact lenses.

Any individual who uses contact lenses must pay close attention to many things, especially those that put him at risk; Care must be taken to clean eye colored lenses well, besides the need to know how to wear them correctly.

One of the most prominent problems of wearing eye colored lenses is that the nails of the person who wants to wear the lens are long; This can expose him to scratching in his eyes, and thus damage them.

Eye colored we should not wear lenses for long periods; This is because it may expose a person to too many dangers in his eyes, such as an ulcer from time to time, an injury to the cornea of ​​the eye, or blindness, God forbid; This is because the lens works on the pressure of oxygen inside the eye.


How to care for contact lenses?

The way to care for contact lenses is according to the following steps:
1. Keep lenses in saline solution, but do not disinfect them.

2. Clean contact lenses with a special solution and disinfectant, each of which is chosen according to the type of lens; Therefore, consult your doctor about the quality, and read the instructions attached to the product.

3. Avoid putting saliva, or any type of water, whether tap water, distilled water, lake water, ocean water, or others, on your contact lenses; So as not to damage the eyes, and transmit infection, or microorganisms to it.

Keeping hands clean

We recommend it to wash hands before touching contact lenses; So that bacteria and dirt do not leak into the eyes, take the following steps:
1. We washed hands with soap; to get rid of dirt, bacteria, and oils; To ensure that the eye is not damaged.

2. Hand rinses well; Because of the presence of soap residue on the contact lenses, the eyes burn when they are placed.

3. dry hands with a clean towel; Because tap water is not sterile, so as not to transfer to the lenses, and then to the eyes.

Keep the lens case clean

Clean the contact lens case with lens solution each time contact lenses are worn, without using tap water, and we must turn the case upside down; To get the water out completely, we recommend it to change the lens case once every 3 months.

Are colored lenses safe?

Wearing colored contact lenses that have received FDA approval and were fitted for you by your optometrist is completely safe. As long as you adhere to the basic hygiene rules when inserting, removing, changing, and storing your contacts, they are just as safe as your conventional contact lenses.

Are contacts harmful to the eyes?

You can see clearly since it shields the eye and aids in focusing light on the rear of the eye. Although contacts seldom damage the cornea, sleeping in contacts that are not designed for extended wear increases the risk of corneal infection and even ulceration.

Can brown eyes wear blue contacts?

Can brown eyes wear blue contacts? On brown eyes, blue contact lenses will look good if the color is vivid enough. The appearance of the blue will vary depending on the lens and the specific tint. Blue and Sapphire Blue are two of the brightest color tones available in fresh colors.

Can I change my eye color permanently?

A laser that damages the top layer of the melanin (pigment) in your eyes, the amount of which affects eye color/shade, can permanently alter your eye color besides colored contacts. A brown eye will change permanently to blue.

Can I wear contacts to shower?

For Contact Lens Wearers: Eye Care Advice
With contacts worn, stay out of the water. Avoid getting your contacts wet. Before taking a shower, bath, or swimming, be sure to take out your contacts. Avoid rinsing or storing your contacts in water, and if that happens, discard or properly disinfect them.

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