Best 8 Drinks to Reduce Belly Fat: renovate Your Waistline

Stop struggling with your weight and try one of these delicious drinks to reduce belly fat in no time! With their easy-to-follow recipes and quick fixes, these drinks will help you achieve your goals quickly!

Top 8 Drinks to Reduce Belly Fat

1. Green Tea

Green Tea

For good reason, green tea is frequently linked to good health.

It’s one of the best drinks for weight loss in addition to being a potent source of other nutrients and healthy antioxidants.

Numerous research have demonstrated that drinking green tea reduces body weight and body fat.

People who drank high-concentration green tea for 12 weeks lost an average of 0.44 to 7.7 pounds (0.2 to 3.5 kg) more than those who did not drink green tea, according to a study of 14 research.

It should be mentioned that this advantage is associated with green tea preparations that have high catechin content, which is an antioxidant that may accelerate metabolism and promote fat burning.

A better option for weight loss than loose-leaf green tea is matcha, a form of green tea with a higher catechin content.

According to one study, women who drank 3 grams of matcha daily burned more fat when exercising than women who didn’t drink matcha.

Additionally, caffeine, which is included in green tea, can aid in weight loss by increasing energy and enhancing exercise performance.

Additionally, green tea drinkers typically have lower blood pressure and a lower chance of contracting illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer.

2. Coffee


People all across the world drink coffee to increase their energy and improve their mood.

This is because coffee includes caffeine, an ingredient that stimulates the body and may aid in weight loss.

Coffee can increase metabolism and lower energy consumption, which may aid in weight loss.

In one study, which involved 33 overweight persons, it was discovered that those who drank coffee with 6 mg of caffeine per kilogram of body weight consumed a notably lower total caloric intake than those who drank less or none at all.

Numerous other research have demonstrated that caffeine consumption increases metabolism and encourages fat burning.

Additionally, coffee drinkers might find it simpler to keep off the weight over time.

According to a study including over 2,600 participants, individuals who were able to keep off the weight over time drank a notably higher amount of caffeinated beverages than the control group.

3. Black tea

Black tea

The leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant are used to make four different types of tea: oolong, black, green, and white. The distinction lies in the fact that black tea is permitted to oxidize, resulting in a robust and dark flavor, unlike white and green teas, which are not fermented.

Depending on the type of tea, catechin polyphenols can vary in form and quantity; nonetheless, research indicates that black tea may be beneficial for weight loss and maintenance. According to a study that was published in the journal Food & Function, 111 adult study participants who drank three cups of tea a day for three months saw a significant decrease in their waist circumference and body weight. Black tea’s catechins, according to researchers, boost fat metabolism and may enhance gut microbiota to support weight loss.

Another study published in Nutrition Research discovered that giving black tea extract three times a day together with barley tea significantly decreased visceral belly fat and waist circumference in overweight or obese Japanese patients. Tea’s caffeine content may also give your metabolism a little boost, which could aid in calorie burning. Drink your tea without milk or sugar for maximum benefits.

4. Kombucha


Fermented green or black tea, or kombucha, is a source of good probiotics. It combines the health advantages of probiotics, which include enhancing the gut microbiome, with the benefits of tea.

Over the past few years, several studies have demonstrated that enhancing the good bacteria in the GI tract can contribute to weight loss through a variety of mechanisms.

Probiotics have the potential to reduce fat absorption from food, increase hormones that regulate appetite assist in preventing overeating, and reduce inflammation, which is also associated with excess fat and belly fat.

5. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

On social media, apple cider vinegar, or ACV, is frequently promoted as a way to reduce belly fat. Although the principal acid in apple cider vinegar, acetic acid, won’t actually “melt” away fat, the published study indicates that participants given the vinegar lost weight, and fat, and reduced their waist circumference.

The scientists concluded that consuming vinegar regularly might be an effective strategy for reducing weight and preserving blood sugar levels.

For optimal benefits, watch how your body weight changes if you take 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar diluted with water or another calorie-free beverage before your two main meals.

6. Lemon water

Lemon water

Warm or chilled, lemon water before breakfast offers unexpected advantages that could aid in reducing visceral fat.

Water’s natural metabolism-boosting properties will help you, but the polyphenols in lemons have been demonstrated in research using animal models to prevent obesity in animals given an excessively high-fat diet.

Hesperidin, the primary flavonoid in lemons, was proven to promote weight reduction and decrease fat in one human study that was published in the Nutrition Journal.

Juice from half a lemon should be squeezed into 8 to 10 ounces of water to make lemon water. Make yourself a delightful spa water by adding sliced cucumbers, strawberries, and fresh mint. This will help you sip yourself skinny.

7. Water

purified water

The primary beverage of choice if you want to lose weight and keep it off is water. Your body is composed of 50–60% water by weight, hence it has no calories.

Your muscle mass increases with your water content. An average of 5.15 percent was lost in weight when weight reduction programs that included drinking water instead of beverages with added sugar were published in a review research in 2019.

The water studies‘ actual weight losses varied from slightly over one pound to nineteen pounds.

Water consumption at the beginning of meals is an often advised weight loss technique that also works well.

According to a study that was published in the journal Obesity, out of 48 middle-aged and older adult overweight subjects, those who followed a calorie-controlled diet and drank roughly two cups of water before each meal lost roughly 5 pounds more than dieters who didn’t drink water before eating during the 12-week study.

8. Raw vegetable juice

detox water

Vegetable juice is a fantastic method to increase your intake of healthy nutrients while losing weight. To maintain stable blood sugar levels and reduce hunger, try to drink juice that has some pulp left in it.

This is because the fiber helps slow down digestion. A 100% vegetable juice is a fantastic method to increase the amount of produce in your diet while aiding in weight loss, as the majority of us don’t obtain the daily necessary portions of vegetables.

Carrots, beets, spinach, celery, and kale are a few vegetables that are excellent for juice.

Recipes for Drinks that Reduce Belly Fat

Green Tea and Lemon Infusion: Shed belly fat with the antioxidant power of green tea combined with the metabolism-boosting effects of lemon.

Cucumber Mint Detox Water: Refreshing cucumber and mint come together in a hydrating infusion that aids digestion and reduces bloating.

Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic: Harness the fat-burning properties of apple cider vinegar in a delicious tonic with water, honey, and a hint of cinnamon.

Ginger Turmeric Smoothie: Spice up your routine with a smoothie featuring ginger and turmeric, known for their anti-inflammatory and fat-burning benefits.

Berry Blast Fat-Burning Smoothie: Blend a mix of berries rich in antioxidants, along with Greek yogurt and a touch of honey for a delicious fat-fighting treat.

Lemon-Ginger Green Juice: Energize your day with a green juice that combines the zing of lemon and the metabolism-boosting power of ginger.

Pineapple Kale Power Punch: Unleash the belly-fat-busting potential of pineapple and kale in a nutrient-packed, delicious smoothie.

Watermelon Basil Refresher: Stay hydrated and reduce belly fat with a watermelon and basil-infused water that’s as tasty as it is effective.


Drinks including coffee, ginger tea, and green tea have the potential to enhance metabolism, reduce appetite, and heighten feelings of fullness, all of which can contribute to weight loss.

These drinks also include other health-promoting ingredients, such as antioxidants and other potent substances.

One of the smartest ways to reduce your calorie intake and support your weight reduction efforts is to swap out high-calorie drinks like fruit juice and soda with the ones mentioned above.


Is it possible to lose belly fat in 2 weeks?

Although reducing all of your belly fat in two weeks is unachievable, you can drop a portion of it fast by decreasing your overall body weight and fat percentage. All you need to do over the next two weeks is up your activity, eat healthier (while lowering calories), and make a few lifestyle adjustments.

Does shaking the belly reduce belly fat?

In reality, you’re consuming energy, burning calories, shedding fat, and gaining muscle. Shaking goods merely causes fat to jiggle. You are not making any effort at all. Cellulite may appear smoother, but neither weight reduction nor increased muscle tone will be noticeable.

Does shaking the belly reduce belly fat?

In reality, you’re consuming energy, burning calories, shedding fat, and gaining muscle. Shaking goods merely causes fat to jiggle. You are not making any effort at all. Cellulite may appear smoother, but neither weight reduction nor increased muscle tone will be noticeable.

Can I lose belly fat by eating protein?

Additionally, protein increases your metabolic rate and aids in maintaining muscle mass while you lose weight (13, 14, 15). Numerous observational studies demonstrate that individuals with higher protein diets typically have smaller waist circumferences than those with lower protein diets (16, 17, 18).

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