chest exercises without weights: 15 best Common exercises

Want to tone your chest without the stress and strain of weightlifting? These chest exercises without weights are a great starting point!

Are you looking for the best chest exercises to perform without weights? Do you want to do exercises that not only look good but also help you achieve better chest definition and muscle growth? Then you’re in the right place. In this article, we are going to provide you with some of the best chest exercises that can be performed without any equipment. Performing these exercises regularly will not only help improve your chest appearance but also help build up your muscular strength.

A lot of people mistakenly believe that weightlifting is the only way to achieve great muscle growth. While weightlifting is an excellent way to build muscle, it’s not the only way. You can also achieve similar results by performing cardio, doing abs exercises, and incorporating cardio into your muscle-building routine.

Why are your chest muscles important?

The chest is made up of two basic muscles, the pectoralis major and minor, which are sometimes referred to as ‘pecs.’ The pectoralis major is the largest of the two muscles, extending over the upper chest and attaching to the shoulder and breastbone in a fan shape. The pectoralis minor, on the other hand, is a tiny, triangular muscle located directly beneath the pectoralis major.

So, what exactly do these muscles do? They are, nonetheless, quite significant when it comes to managing your arm movements. From pushing and turning your arm towards your body’s center to lifting your arms high. Consider picking up a child, swinging a tennis racket, or pushing a large object away from you.

Furthermore, because these muscles make up the majority of the chest wall, training them will burn a significant amount of energy. If you’re aiming to lose weight and tone up, this is an excellent muscle to train. It will boost your metabolism considerably.

Given the significance of this powerful muscle, we’ve created two personalized workouts—one with and one without equipment—that you can do from the comfort of your own four walls to get a toned and muscular chest.

chest exercises without weights


chest exercises without weights

The simple push-up is without a doubt one of the best bodyweight chest workouts, addressing both your pecs and your triceps. There are numerous advanced and simple versions provided below to assist you level up your training as you gain strength.

With your hands beneath your shoulders and your body straight, lower your body to about 1 inch above the ground, then extend back up.

When you initially start, even 10 reps may be challenging, but as you acquire strength, you’ll soon be able to accomplish 20 – 30 reps with ease.


chest exercises without weights

You can pump the pectoral muscles by raising and lowering yourself with your arms in a wide stance. Push-ups with a wide grip work your outside pecs and front deltoids. Begin by balancing on your toes with your hands a few inches apart from their natural posture.

Using your glutes and core, press down and keep your spine straight. Squeeze your chest until you’re back in the same position as previously to push yourself up off the ground.


chest exercises without weights

The upper pecs and front delts are targeted in this more advanced variant of the basic push-up. Start with your torso straight and your hands on the floor at the same breadth as a regular push-up.

Raise your buttocks slightly, around 25 degrees to the ground, and do your push-ups while in this position.


chest exercises without weights

This push-up variation targets your inner pectoral muscles predominantly. Push-ups will be performed with your hands adjacent to each other beneath your sternum. It can be beneficial to have your thumbs and pointer fingers touching for support.


chest exercises without weights

This workout alternates normal and diamond push-ups.

Begin with a regular push-up. When you hit the bottom of your push-up, immediately explode upward and push your hands towards the middle, so your hands are touching. Perform a close-grip push-up, then explode back up and move your hands back below your shoulders.

Do 10 of each push-up for a total of 20 reps.


chest exercises without weights

All you need for an inclined push-up is a chair or bench that is 16-18 inches high and will not slide around. This push-up targets your lower pectorals and triceps.

Place your hands on the seat’s edge, shoulder-width apart. When your arms are straight, your torso should be at a 45-degree angle to the ground. Lower yourself towards the bench or chair while keeping your body straight, then push yourself back up.


This downward-facing push-up strengthens your upper pecs and delts. Place your feet on a solid wall – make sure they’re clean so you don’t leave streaks or smudges!

Begin by kneeling with your feet against the wall. Walk your feet up the wall with your arms extended, keeping your hands below your shoulders. Repeat until your body is 45 degrees off the ground.

Slowly perform push-ups while maintaining core support.


You’ll want to take an even wider stance than a regular wide-grip push-up, with your fingers turned out to the side, to target your outer pecs and front deltoids with this ultra-wide push-up.

You won’t be able to rise as high as you would with a typical push-up, which is great; 6-8 inches of movement is all you need for this workout.

Press evenly with both arms and maintain your core tight as you slowly rise and lower yourself.


This push-up variation is done with your arms beneath your shoulders but your hands clenched like fists and resting on your knuckles on the ground.

Cross one foot over the other as you begin your first rep, and finish your set using only one leg. Then repeat with the opposite leg.


This workout combines push-ups and mountain climbers.

Begin in a regular push-up stance, then lower your body by bringing your left leg forward towards your right elbow. On each repeat, alternate legs, advancing towards the opposing arm.


This explosive push-up is a very sophisticated motion that helps increase athletic power and bulk up quickly. A clapping push-up necessitates a solid arm base as well as pectoral strength.

Lower your arms to the ground at shoulder width, then blast back up and clap your hands beneath your head before returning your hands to the starting position. Lower once more and repeat.


While typical planks strengthen your core, this plank position targets your outer pecs and front deltoids. Keep your feet together and spread your arms wide as if executing a wide push-up.

Engage your core and lower yourself to a mid-push-up position for 30 seconds.


The star plank is a floating plank version that may be easier for you to do. Spread your arms and feet as wide as possible to make a star shape.

Hold for 30 seconds while engaging your core.


This full-body workout is ideal for all-over activity, including chest work. Begin by standing with your feet together. Squat down and place your hands on the floor in one seamless motion, hopping your feet back into a plank, then down into a push-up, and as you rise back up, jump your feet back towards your hands to squat back up.

5-10 of these should be enough!


This and the next exercises necessitate the use of a resistance band. Resistance band push-ups are an excellent method to add some extra resistance to your standard push-up.

Wrap the resistance band behind your upper back and around your hands, holding it taut. The band will tension as you do push-ups. To maintain stability, squeeze your glutes and abs.

Frequently asked questions

how can i build my chest without weight?

You don’t need equipment to build a bigger chest (or build muscle in general). You can achieve muscle building at home, using only your bodyweight. Madbarz Premium offers a variety of workout plans, created by professionals, that require no equipment and still can provide extraordinary results.

can you train chest without weights?

Most no equipment chest workouts focus predominantly on push-ups. After all, push-ups are a simple yet effective bodyweight chest exercise, and if you don’t have access to weights, the push-up will be your best bet for targeting the pecs.

can you build chest muscle without equipment?

Most no equipment chest workouts focus predominantly on push-ups. After all, push-ups are a simple yet effective bodyweight chest exercise, and if you don’t have access to weights, the push-up will be your best bet for targeting the pecs.

Can I just workout my chest?

Working only the chest muscles is non-functional, painful and dangerous. But working the chest and the back muscles, will develop the chest in the way you probably envision. Good posture never fails to look good!

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