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Elnodi Academy strongly believes in a holistic approach to health. It’s not only about healthy eating, exercise, and nutrition. It’s also about natural living, avoiding everyday toxins, choosing organic where possible, and avoiding pollution where possible. It’s about stress management and a healthy mind as well. I like to write about everything linked to health and not only food.

Elnodi Academy have not always been so interested in food, nutrition, and health. I used to be quite unhealthy actually eating lots of processed foods! With time, I learned how food could affect your health and became much more conscious of what I eat. Over time, I figured out that health results from many variables, so I started paying attention to those as well (for example fitness, toxins around you, etc.).


Elnodi Academy tries to eliminate harmful toxins from my daily life as much as I can and therefore always looking for the most natural ways to live my life. That’s the reason I became really passionate about natural beauty products in the last few years. On my blog, you will find a beauty section where I review natural beauty products .

WHY THIS Elnodi Academy?

They say prevention is better than cure and that’s what this blog is about. If you have a history of cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses in your family, there are certain things you can do to prevent them.
Both of my parents died of cancer, at a very young, so if I could help people get healthier in order to prevent cancer, I will.

On this blog, you will find ideas and suggestions on how to live a healthier and more natural life. You will read well-researched health articles and posts about a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, natural living, and much more. In the Recipes sections, you will find healthy recipes to give you ideas for your own cooking. The bonus is that most of them are quick and easy to make.

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